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Download: November 2021 – WinMOD Library News

  • New Libraries for Process Sensors
  • New Library for Heat Transfer Coefficients
  • Formulas for Linear Equations
  • Modifications in Physics Library Units

Download: Juni 2021 – WinMOD Library News

  • New and extended libraries for drives
  • WinMOD FlowT: New valves, conveyor belts and sensors
  • Extended „ProcessAssistance Expander“
  • New formulas for physical constants

Download: December 2020 – WinMOD Library News

  • New: Libraries for Basic Drives
  • Extended Navigation Concept
  • Extended ProcessAssistance
  • Library Units: New Formats and Modifications

Download: April 2020 – WinMOD Library News

  • New: WinMOD Library Robots
  • New: FlowT supports WinMOD Aggregates
  • New: FlowT tank Geometries
  • New: FlowT_Conveyor_Add_Mass

Download: October 2019 – WinMOD Library News

  •  New: FlowT heat Elements

Download: November 2018 – WinMOD-SIMLINE

  • New: WinMOD-SIMLINE version available
  • New: improved 3D-workflow
  • New: Library Manager