The plant simulation is an extension of the simulation depth for the software test.

Plant Simulation

The plant simulation is an extension of the simulation depth for the software test. It is a combination of real-time behaviour simulations and manual intervention in the WinMOD Project.

Plant simulation is used in software engineering when WinMOD Systems are used for in-depth software testing of automation systems. The test procedures can be repeated under the same conditions. The scope of the system simulation depends on the knowledge of the system behaviour. The simulation depth meets the requirements for the software test and for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

The connection to the controller is made via WinMOD Configurations.

In the coordination between client and contractor regarding tests to be carried out, the user interface, the structuring and the depth of simulation should be agreed. Further expansion of the system simulation can lead to the training model, the shadow system or the virtual machine/system.

Realization with WinMOD:

  • the WinMOD System Software has the capabilities required to provide a system simulation
  • with Drag & Drop, WinMOD Simulation Elements can be linked to behavioural models
  • the available visualization elements and manual intervention ensure transparent user interfaces
  • they can be perceived by all involved in the software test together with the same understanding
  • they provide great potential for features for various simulation and visualization functions
  • it is possible to create highly individualized but also highly standardized WinMOD Projects

Achievable Results:

  • plant simulation is another step in securing software quality
  • it is the preliminary stage for the virtual machine/plant commissioning