WinMOD Add-Ons are software modules from the WinMOD System Platform.

WinMOD Add-Ons

WinMOD Add-Ons are software modules from the WinMOD System Platform. They extend the functionality of the WinMOD System Software according to the needs of users.

WinMOD Engineering Assistance (automatic project generation from databases, tables)
WinMOD Recorder (recording of signal waveforms)
WinMOD Add-On for FormulaX (realization of complex formulas)
WinMOD ScriptGenerator (transmission of signal traces from external sources) 
WinMOD Net (distributed simulation on several PCs)

WinMOD Engineering Assistance

For the creation of WinMOD Projects, WinMOD Component Libraries are used for different technologies and companies. Based on engineering data from the real plant, the WinMOD Engineering Assistance automatically generates the files of the WinMOD Projects according to a design template.

The data for creating in WinMOD Systems is available from the engineering of the system. The WinMOD Engineering Assistance automatically creates the WinMOD simulations from this data.

The manual work of layout designing is minimized to a one-time definition of the components in the WinMOD System and also the configuration in the WinMOD Engineering Assistance.

Afterwards, the WinMOD Engineering Assistance automatically generates the files of the WinMOD System. Changes in the engineering data are simply updated by the creating new project. Thus, the WinMOD Simulation always relates to the one-to-one engineering data.

WinMOD Engineering Assistance is an essential element of company-specific WinMOD Project standards for enhanced integration into the entire project process.

But even without the integration into operational processes, the WinMOD Engineering Assistance already leads to a significant increase in efficiency.

The efficient way of the WinMOD Project:

  • generation of the simulation from available engineering data
  • substantial reduction of manual work
  • high consistency between WinMOD and external data
  • fast update of changes
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WinMOD Recorder

The WinMOD Recorder makes it possible to record and graphically display the chronological progression of bus and communication signals in WinMOD Simulation. Therefore during the simulation, the signal curves can be observed in real time and the data of the recording are retained even after the simulation. The graphics and raw data can be exported for further use and editing.

The WinMOD Recorder is fully integrated with the WinMOD System Software. All global signals can be drag and drop into the signal recording. Each individual signal can be formatted individually by colour, size, scaling, etc. Formatting is transferred directly to other signals. The start and stop triggers are defined as desired in the WinMOD Simulation. Signals can be recorded in parallel in several recorder files, on basis of time and sampling rate for each recorder file, ranging from 600 seconds to 10 milliseconds.

The WinMOD Recorder offers a variety of uses through the life cycle of equipment and machinery. The dynamic behaviour of the simulated plant, which is often difficult to analyze in real time, can be recorded and examined in detail after the simulation run. This is supported for example by the signal cursor with a display of numerical values, by the difference cursor and by the automatic or manual setting of time marks.

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WinMOD Add-On for FormulaX

WinMOD Add-On for FormulaX is an add-on for the realization of complex mathematical, physical and logical formulas in the WinMOD System Software. Formulas can be internally linked.

WinMOD Add-On for FormulaX simplifies engineering and significantly improves performance through use:

  • complex analog and binary operations
  • compact notation in a WinMOD FormulaX element
  • clear presentation of extensive formulas
  • libraries for physical formulas, mechanical modelling,
    motion mathematics, pipe formulas

Engineering with WinMOD Add-On for FormulaX

The behaviour of components needed to be simulated is analyzed and the linking of analog and binary variables by formulas is described. The formula notations correspond to the general rules known in the respective field of technology. They can be selected and transferred from formula collections.

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WinMOD ScriptGenerator

The WinMOD ScriptGenerator is responsible for the transmission of waveforms from external data sources to WinMOD. The signal curves of real machine and system components are thus transferred to the simulation and can be replayed with the WinMOD Force Machine in an event-oriented manner. Thus, for example, based on real measurement data in WinMOD, a fast and cost-effective simulation of necessary signal sequences without additional programming is possible.

This WinMOD Force Machine allows the manipulation (remote control) of scriptable WinMOD Elements in run mode, based on previously recorded or manually created WinMOD Script files.


  • use of existing records
  • import of records to WinMOD
  • play the recordings in WinMOD


  • high degree of reality in the simulation
  • complicated processes simply modelled
  • lower cost


  • real consumer profiles (electricity, water)
  • real throughputs of subsystems
  • real issues of components
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WinMOD Net

WinMOD Net enables distributed simulation on several WinMOD PCs. The WinMOD PCs running the networked simulation are connected to each other via the TCP / IP protocol. The physical medium is usually standard Ethernet.

Every single WinMOD System that is to be used for the distributed simulation is equipped with the WinMOD Net license. The various WinMOD Systems can be easily configured to allow signal exchange in any direction.

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