The WinMOD Engineering includes the preparation and testing of company-specific behavioral models, process components and WinMOD-SIMLINE components. Furthermore, the development of pilot projects, which combine company-specific technologies and devices in one project.

  • The pilot project is used to test behavioral models, software components in conjunction with basic technologies and to qualify maintenance personnel.
  • As a benchmark for the design and content of WinMOD Projects from suppliers.
  • For the processing of sub-projects and advice on virtual commissioning (VC).

For the engineering to partially or completely create your WinMOD Simulation projects, we offer you our qualified WinMOD Engineering services. We will gladly prepare an offer after the vote.

In addition, you can contact our partners. We also gladly arrange further technology- and project-related partners on request.


✔ China:
  明健/:Mr. Tony Ming
Sales Manager
上海慕为技术工程股份有限公司Shanghai MUWEI Technologies Engineering Inc.,Ltd
上海国霞路60号 君庭广场7号楼608-609室 Room 608-609, building A, Junting Plaza, No. 60, Guoxia Road, Shanghai City, China
+86 13801899523
✔ Netherlands:
  logo batenburg Mr. Peter Bouman
Sales & Business Development
Utrechtseweg 46, 3704 HD, Zeist, Netherlands
+31 30 693 41 11
✔ Germany:
  Mr. Thomas Bucher
Ettishofer Straße 8, 88250 Weingarten, Germany
+49 751 56968510
  Sakal Robo System GmbH Mr. Soham Anjaria
Rudolf Diesel – Str. 7, 86529 Schrobenhausen, Germany
+49 176 90714730
✔ India/ south west Asia
  ARSUN Engineers Mr. Ashish Dave
Business Development Manager
56/1 Vithalwadi Industrial Estate, Bhavnagar 364001, Gujarat, India
+91 8169764393