Information about actual Software Versions

Here you will find information about our actual software versions of WinMOD and WinMOD-SIMLINE as well as further links to our product news, trade fair information, press releases and registration for the WinMOD newsletter.

actual Software Version for Windows 11 23H2

WinMOD Version 7.2 Build 70: DT200 for coupling Digital Twin & Analytics
WinMOD-SIMLINE Version 8.0 Build 4.23 (Wireframe)

The current software setups can be found in the WinMOD Customer Center.

latest products (sorted by release)

  • DT200 (Digital Twin & Analytics by Sakal Robo System GmbH)
    Digital Twin Analytics is the groundbreaking add-on for WinMOD that revolutionizes workshop processes. Seamlessly integrated with WinMOD, DT200 extracts critical data from PLC and robot controllers, providing users with unprecedented diagnostic capabilities at the individual cell level. DT200 increases operational efficiency by categorizing cycles, detecting anomalies and delays, and optimizing performance like never before. By integrating real-time data, users can run the Digital Twin model and perform simulations to make informed decisions and further increase productivity.
  • B150 for remote coupling of Rockwell soft PLC, Logix Echo
  • BL200 for coupling PHOENIX CONTACT Bladed
  • MS200 for coupling YASKAWA MotoSim EG-VRC
  • X800 Configuration Add-on for import from PCWORX (Phoenix Contact)
  • C250 for the ETHERCAT Multilslave emulation
  • B120 for the EtherNet/IP Multiadapter emulation
  • FM200 for simulation of Functional Mock-Up Units (FMU)
  • KU200 for coupling KUKA.OfficeLite, KUKA.SimPro and Visual Components
  • PC200 for coupling iSILOG.PLCConnect with all its coupling offers
  • UR200 for coupling Universal Robots URSim
  • RG200 for coupling FANUC ROBOGUIDE
  • PS200 for coupling Siemens Process Simulate
  • RS200 for coupling ABB RobotStudio
  • A756 for coupling Siemens PLCSIM Advanced
  • X630 Configuration Add-on for the MODBUS Multidevice emulation
  • Y200 Configuration Add-on for coupling MATLAB Simulink

Delivery request free upgrade of WinMOD-Version 7.2

As part of the WinMOD Software Maintenance Service, we provide you with an upgrade to the latest version of WinMOD 7.2 via email free of charge for all WinMOD licenses purchased from us. The current WinMOD System Software 7.2 can then be installed via download.

Delivery request for free upgrade WinMOD 7.2 for customers with WinMOD Software Maintenance contract.

Delivery request free upgrade of WinMOD-SIMLINE Version 8.0

As part of the WinMOD-SIMLINE Software Maintenance Service, we provide you with an upgrade to the current WinMOD-SIMLINE Version 8.0 via e-mail free of charge for all WinMOD-SIMLINE licenses purchased from us. The current WinMOD-SIMLINE Software 8.0 can then be installed by download.

Delivery request for free upgrade WinMOD-SIMLINE 8.0 for customers with WinMOD-SIMLINE  Software Maintenance contract.