WinMOD Libraries are created with the help of WinMOD Elements in the WinMOD System Software.

WinMOD Libraries

WinMOD Libraries simplify work.

The WinMOD Libraries provide often used functions, macros and components. For fast access and efficient engineering, they are summarized in the WinMOD Lib_Libs ( library of libraries).

The following WinMOD Libraries are currently published. Further libraries are in preparation, please contact us for more information. 

Virtual control and rule

WinMOD Library HMI (Human Machine Interface Controls)
WinMOD Library Controllers (Elements for controllers and state machines)

Simplified engineering, for in-depth simulation

WinMOD Mathematics Library Differential (Differential mathematical elements)
WinMOD Mathematics Library Signal Generators (Elements for signal types)
WinMOD Mathematics Library Statistics (Evaluation of simulation runs, statistical distribution)
WinMOD Physics Library Units (Collection of internal analog formats for physical units)
WinMOD Physics Library Constants (Collection of physical constants and parameters for material properties)
WinMOD Library ASCII (Collection of ASCII operations)

Functions for Drives

WinMOD Mathematics Library Motion (Elements for motion path for drives)  chargeable
WinMOD Library Converters (Elements for scaling: physically to percent, percent to physical)
WinMOD Library Decoder and Multiplexer (DecoMux)

Mass flow simulation in process plants

WinMOD Lib Package FlowT (Elements for material flow model for liquids, gases, bulk solids) chargeable
WinMOD Process Library Utilities (Collection of useful elements)

Factory Automation and Robots

WinMOD Fact Lib E-Drives (includes typical continuous drives such as roller convenyors and lifting tables)
WinMOD Fact Lib Transmissions (includes translations of rotational speed into metric speeds and positions)
WinMOD Fact Lib Pneumatics (includes pneumatic actuators such as directional valves and cylinders)
WinMOD Library Robotics

WinMOD Library HMI

The WinMOD Library Human Machine Interface offers many examples for the design and realization of own control elements for WinMOD Users.

The examples include:

  • switching between two states
  • switching between multiple states
  • key switch
  • analog displays
  • dialogue menus
  • flashing lights and signal horns (visually displayed)
  • traffic control signal
  • Dashboard
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WinMOD Library Controllers

The WinMOD Library Controllers provides elements for continuous state (PID) controllers and for discrete state controllers.

A number of 2-step and 3-step controllers is available for simple control task.

The PID-controllers can be parameterized by Kp, Ki and Kd or by K, Ti and Td parameter sets. Each of the P-, I- and D-shares can be switched on or off. A dead area is provided, the range of the control value is restricted, a wind-up of the integration share is limited and the control value is provided in several variants. The extended version provides a manual control with smooth transition to automatic mode as well as feed-forward control. Special HMI-elements allow for manual operation with closed-loop control.

The simple Sequence-Controller was in especially developed for usage during planning and project preparation, when the control system is not yet available. It is very versatile and can be easily configured for delays, sub-sequences, branchings, loops, parallel execution, synchronization, e.t.l.

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WinMOD Mathematics Library Differential

The WinMOD Mathematics Library Differential provides differential elements units with physical units:

  • integrators (simple, double)
  • differentiator (single, double, with/without attenuation)
  • delay elements (exponential, complex)

Examples showing the application

  • use with different physical units
  • cascade controller
  • differential equation for a spring-mass system
  • system of partial differential equations for a chemical reaction
  • coupled pendulum as a vibratory System
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WinMOD Mathematics Library Signal Generator

The WinMOD Mathematics Library Signal Generators provides elements for creating a variety of signal types:

  • cyclic regular: pulse, sine, rectangle, etc.
  • cyclic table-defined: pulse, cyclic sequences
  • random: random noise (evenly distributed)
  • random in time: pulses, sequences
  • random with statistical distributions

Examples showing the application:

  • adaptation to physical units
  • cams
  • water consumption during halftime breaks
  • accidental water consumption
  • randomized arrival rates for parts
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WinMOD Mathematics Library Statistics

The WinMOD Mathematics Library Statistics provides elements for the evaluation of simulation runs and for statistical distributions.

Evaluation functions:

  • mean value, range of values (minimum and maximum value)
  • histograms

The evaluation is available in two variants:

  • exact: all recorded values are equally weighted
  • adaptive: the weighting decays over time

Examples showing the application:

  • value range analysis
  • control the recording
  • statistical distributions and their histograms
  • user-defined statistical distributions
  • distribution functions and signal Generators
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WinMOD Physics Library Units

The WinMOD Physics Library Units is an extensive collection of internal analog formats for physical units. These include: time, masses, mass flow, angles, increments, increments per angle, distances, velocities, volumes, electrical current, light intensity, pH, and much more.

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WinMOD Physics Library Constants

WinMOD Physics Library Constants provides physical constants like density, heat capacity, etc. as they are needed for process modelling.  It provides fast access to a small but practical set of values. It is easy to handle and directly integrates into the WinMOD Engineering.

It provides the following material properties:

  • Basic: density, heat capacity, upper heating value
  • Gasses: boiling temperatures, critical point data (p, T), acentric factor, Van der Waals parameters
  • Molar Masses: for elements and molecules, with molar mass calculator
  • Vapor Pressure Curves: measured values in tables, Magnus formula, Antoine parameters and formula, Ambrose-Walten method
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WinMOD Library ASCII

The library provides operations on ASCII-characters,
in especially the conversion of numbers to ASCII and
vice versa, as well as the graphical display by an
active image. Furthermore constants for ASCIIcharacters are available.

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WinMOD Mathematics Library Motion

WinMOD Mathematics Library Motion provides elements for the motion behaviour of drives. They are used, for example, as core elements of frequency converters:

  • positioning with infinite acceleration (default: target position and speed)
  • continuous (default: target speed and acceleration)
  • positioning with acceleration ramps (default: target position, target speed, acceleration)

Examples showing the application:

  • adaptation to different physical sizes
  • conversion of ramp time into acceleration
  • slow motion and fast motion
  • reference point approach
  • synchronization of master and slave drives
  • frequency converter
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WinMOD Library Converters

The library provides a number of converters between physical units and the ranges, [0…100,00] and [0…1]. Furthermore, it provides converters between physical units and the restrictions of ranges.

The converters are mostly used in drives and sensors to convert the engineering units of the automation system. Typical examples are sensor values for distances, temperatures and mass flows or actor values like position, motion speed and power.

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WinMOD Library Decoder and Multiplexer (DecoMux)

The library provides the typical decoders 2-to-4, 3-to-8, 4-to-16 and multiplexers for binary, digital, analog signals. Each of the sets can be controlled by digital as well as by binary selection signals.

The multiplexers „Priority Select“ are of special importance for the construction of frequency drives (FC) to select the right motion parameters in the different operation modes and exception handlings. They provide for each digital or analog input one binary selection signal. The pairs of signals are prioritized
which results in a prioritized selection of operation modes.

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WinMOD Lib Package FlowT

The WinMOD Library Package „FlowT“ (Mass-Flow With Temperature) simulates material flow and processes for liquids, gasses and bulk goods. The material flows are unidirectional with simple physics, which makes them easy to handle and easy to parameterize. This package can be acquired in addition to the WinMOD System Software.

It currently includes the following libraries:

  • WinMOD Lib FlowT Basic: basic elements: tanks, valves, branchings, mass and flow sensors, ect.
  • WinMOD Lib FlowT Detailed Heat: detailed heat treatment: heat exchangers, thermal masses, ect.
  • WinMOD Lib FlowT Conveyors: bulk goods conveying: belt conveyors, screw conveyors
  • WinMOD Lib FlowT Auxiliaries: additional functions: conversions volume to masses
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Process Library Utilities

The WinMOD Process Library Utilities provides a variety of small and helpful items:

  • min and max functions
  • simple conversion of value ranges
  • simple integrators with units
  • simple positioning drive (eg for control valves)
  • often multiplexer
  • prioritized multiplexers
  • decoder 2-to-4, 3-to-8, 4-to-16, digital and analog
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WinMOD Fact Lib E-Drives

The WinMOD OCA Library „Drives“ provides drives for roller conveyors, lift tables, rotary tables etc. It can be used by WinMOD Users to develop their own application libraries.

The library provides a number of variants of drives. There are several combinations of control and status signals for the speed. The internal state may be reset, conditions in the environment of the drive, like emergency-stop or availability of power supply, may affect the drive.

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WinMOD Fact Lib Transmissions

The WinMOD Library „Transmission“ provides transmissions for speed (RPM) into metric speeds (velocities) and positions. It can be used by WinMOD Users to develop their own application libraries.

The library provides a number of variants of transmissions from speeds (RPM) to velocities and positions. Different operating modes for the position calculation can be selected. SIMLINE sensor signals can be linked and limit position switches can be parameterized. The position can be reset to a predefined position.

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WinMOD Fact Lib Pneumatics

The WinMOD library „Pneumatics“ provides pneumatic actuators. The pneumatic actuators comprised of a control valve and a cylinder with end positions. It can be used by WinMOD Users to develop their own application libraries.

The library provides a number of variants of pneumatic actuators. There are several combinations of control and status signals for the control valve or cylinder. The pneumatic actuator can be reset and different positioning times can be parameterized.

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WinMOD Library Robotics

The WinMOD Library „Robots“ provides different solutions to simulate robotic behaviour. It offers couplings to different robot simulation tools (called Co-Simulation using WinMOD Net technology or WinMOD Configuration Y200) as well as a simple solution (called ROBCASE), were no robot program is needed as source.
Elements can be copied from this library, be adapted and used in own application libraries.

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