The software test is required for the software quality.

Software Test

The software test is required for the software quality. WinMOD Systems process the software test independently of the real plant, rationally and with the necessary test depth.

The WinMOD System can be connected to a real AS (HIL) or a virtual AS (SIL). A large number of available WinMOD Configurations makes it possible to connect the automation systems from different manufacturers in single workstation and also within one WinMOD Test Project.

Software Test with I/O Simulation:

The software test can refer to individual function controllers in the AS or to the entire AS project. With WinMOD Configurations, process images of WinMOD Signals can be easily and quickly configured. The WinMOD Signal Elements visualize the signal values with parametrizable representations. The signal values can be prompted manually and spontaneously. For a given test procedures force machine and script generator are available.

The test procedures can be recorded and evaluated with the WinMOD Recorder. With the WinMOD Plant Simulation, the plant model can be modelled with simple behavior simulations up to the complete virtual plant.

Software Test with Fieldbus Emulation:

For the WinMOD System, there are different WinMOD Configurations e.g. for PROFIBUS / INTERBUS / PROFINET, which emulate the fieldbus with the configured bus configuration. Cyclic signals, acyclic signals and safety signals are transmitted. In the WinMOD Project, the transmitted signals can be assigned to the fieldbus devices in a graphically structured manner. The device and process behaviour is then simulated in the WinMOD Project as required for the software test.