WinMOD Training and Simulation Engineering

The WinMOD System is easy to use, and fast, as well as intuitive to learn. The fast, successful entry needs efficient concepts, proceedings and workflows. Those things will be learned in WinMOD System training, by using reference projects in 2 days or in addition to it with reference to specific customer projects.

Our training programs range from basic course, for using and utilization of WinMOD Systems (2 days),  to refresher courses (1 day) for users of earlier version to training courses with reference to current client project (3 days).

The training concepts are indivdually balanced with your wishes and needs, and the training can take place in our office or in exceptional cases in your company. The courses are arranged in small groups, maximum of 3 people and composed practical orientated. This allows a fast transfer of the course content into practice. After 2-3 days of training, the participants are able to build up and work consistently with a WinMOD Project, in a WinMOD System without any previous knowledge.

Content of the training course:

  • connection of automation systems through WinMOD Configurations
  • signal and operand handling
  • configuration of WinMOD Simulations and WinMOD Components
  • workflows
  • branch specific simulation techniques and workflows
  • WinMOD Project organization
  • creation of VRML model out of 3D CAD data
  • extension to the 3D kinematic model
  • signal allocation to the WinMOD System Software
  • WinMOD Elements for 3D control
  • utilization of 3D model with WinMOD 3DView