WinMOD SIMLINE Software Package

The Virtual Commissioning is an integral part in the planning, engineering and realization processes of factory automation. Since many years WinMOD is the acknowledged system platform. In order to meet the requirements for the automation of manufacturing and conveying technique, WinMOD SIMLINE was developed. The WinMOD SIMLINE Software Package is an extension of the WinMOD System Software for the real-time simulation of conveyor systems with material flow simulation.

The concept of the WinMOD SIMLINE Software Package connects the established periphery - and installation simulation of WinMOD with the geometric precisely material flow simulation of WinMOD SIMLINE:

A WinMOD SIMLINE Project consists typically of the WinMOD System Software, real control connected with the WinMOD System Software and the WinMOD SIMLINE Software Package, which contains the engineering- and runtime environment for the 3D material  flow simulation.