Benchmarks - What makes WinMOD Systems unique?

Those selected characteristics represent the quality of the WinMOD Systems.

System Integration with the Automation System:

  • With a variety of selectable and combinable WinMOD Configurations, the connection is open for as many as possible different automation systems as is desired.
  • Using different field bus emulations, the direct connection to the field bus master is possible.
  • The WinMOD Systems are scalable and configurable for the single small control all the way up to large fleet management systems.
  • The engineering data out of the programming tool of the automation systems are transferred.

Functionality according to the utilizations:

  • Time - and storage optimized simulation elements assure the performance for the real-time simulation.
  • Macros and components with individual user interface and identifications provide transparency and highly repeating rate.
  • Simulation depth is possible, but it cost engineering and calculation time - therefore the rule is only as much as is necessary.

Rational Engineering:

  • With assistance functions the editing of the system configuration and of the simulation projects is supported in an extensive way.
  • Libraries for appliances, for mechatronical units and for process components are the basis for the project creation.
  • Open data interfaces support the integration in your workflows, to your parallel used tools and to your planning systems.

Open for all Branches and Technologies:

  • The WinMOD Systems are usable in all branches and technologies due to the platform structure.
  • Within a branch,  process technologies, manufacturing and conveying technologies can be simulated with the same tool.

 What else characterized WinMOD Systems?