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Version of WinMOD-SIMLINE has been available since 15.05.2020


WinMOD V7.2 Build 38 has been available since 27.04.2020

WinMOD CoSimulation

Now WinMOD can also integrate ABB robots in a co-simulation 

As part of the technological development of WinMOD, it is now also possible to integrate external robot simulations into a WinMOD System. This has several advantages.

WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant

New workflow for creating the 3D signal list for 3D CAD projects

In addition to the new user interface, the redesign of the workflow for creating the 3D signal allocation list for 3D visualization projects was a major concern. As a result, there is a completely new tab tailored to this workflow under the 3D view.

WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant

New user interface design

In the two central WinMOD-SIMLINE applications (WinMOD-SIMLINE 3DView and WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant), the toolbar, menu structure and designations have been completely reworked to make the two essential workflows of 3D visualization and WinMOD-SIMLINE layout creation even more efficient.

WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant

Extended import functions and Collada support

The new import feature includes a project editing and merging mode. It can be used to manipulate various VRML2.0 models prior to a single import (for example, scale-up: meter-millimetre or VRML-compliant resource designations) and merge them into complex assets.

WinMOD Configurations

A800 for Siemens automation systems with PROFINET and PROFIBUS with new manual

The WinMOD Configuration A800 was developed specifically for real-time simulation linking WinMOD to Siemens SIMATIC automation systems (PLC / PLS / IPC). It is the recommended standard solution for the fieldbus-based „Hardware in the Loop“ coupling (HIL) of WinMOD with real automation systems (AS) from Siemens.

WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant

WinMOD-SIMLINE System Platform completely 64bit

With the new WinMOD-SIMLINE setup V8.0.0.17, we offer all WinMOD-SIMLINE V8.0 applications as 64bit version: WinMOD-SIMLINE Assistant, WinMOD-SIMLINE 3DView, WinMOD-SIMLINE Generator.

WinMOD Configurations

X800 standard PROFINET remote PLC neutral

The WinMOD Configuration X800 has been specially developed for PROFINET IO multidevice emulation with cyclic IO as well as acyclic data with safety.

WinMOD Configurations


The WinMOD Configuration X550 was specially developed for automation systems with OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) server coupling.