Since 1995, WinMOD Systems have been used for quality assurance in automation engineering. The software test with a virtual periphery on a real automation system (AS) was the first application. For process plants, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) developed with increasing depth of simulation. The result was a significantly improved quality in project execution.

Since 2003, the WinMOD Systems have been enhanced by 3D visualization and material flow simulation. It was the first virtual machine tool. With a Co-simulation for robotics, manufacturing cells for car body construction in the automotive industry were put into virtual operation in 2005. The term „virtual commissioning“ has since been established in Factory Automation.

Based on the results achieved and the experience gained, the WinMOD System Platform has been continuously developed. High-performance communication with the standard automation systems on the market was always the first goal. Extending virtualization to all WinMOD-based technologies has created synergies – in terms of investment, skills and usages.

The current issue of WinMOD Summary 2018 summarizes the results achieved for manufacturing and process plants.

brochure: WinMOD Summary 2018

For many years, the use of simulations in plant planning has been an established component of project management for transport routes, storage systems, picking systems, and in short, intralogistics. Plant layouts and rough throughput analyzes are compiled on the basis of 3D layouts with time specifications.

However, the use ends as soon as the automation comes into play during project execution. With the complexity of the plants today, the high level of automation and the great flexibility, however, operation on the automation system with the real control sequences is indispensable. This is the only way to realistically test and optimize reliability, fault tolerance, throughput and material flow strategies. The solution is the „digital twin“. It means the coupling of the automation system to a virtual plant, which includes the functional aspects of the drive behavior up to the 3D general cargo handling. This is no longer a topic of the future, but has been practiced for years with the WinMOD System.

Our many years of experience have shown that it is one of the most important in the automation of logistics systems good standardization in automation, i. e. in the case of delivery components, equipment designations, symbolists, etc. Here, the virtual systems are virtually created at the „push of a button“ and are used completely from the start. Even if the real system is already running, process optimizations, fault analyzes or strategy adjustments in the automation system can first be run through the virtual system.

The current issue of WinMOD Special Intralogistics 2018 summarizes the results achieved for intralogistics plants.

brochure: WinMOD Special Intralogistics 2018

Branch Specific Prospects

The following prospects are a short description of WinMOD Systems in use in various industries and are available for download.

prospect:WinMOD for Process Automation
prospect: WinMOD for Automotive

Special Prospect

WinMOD Add-On FormulaX is an add-on for the realization of complex mathematical, physical, digital and logical formulas in the WinMOD System Software. The following special prospect includes further information and is available for download.

prospect: WinMOD FormulaX