WinMOD System Software

The WinMOD System Software is the core piece of our WinMOD Systems. With the software the simulations of machines and installations are configured and the created simulation is realized in real-time. The WinMOD System Software combined the engineering, and the simulation in real-time and the online operating and visualization in one tool.

Through the connection of the WinMOD System Software with WinMOD Configurations the typical specific WinMOD work stations are generated. The qualities of the WinMOD System Software are the basis for the large application range and scalable application depth.

The Virtualized Installations, created with a WinMOD Project in a WinMOD System are easy to configure via Drag & Drop. A programming system is not necessary. Concerning simulation depth, it is possible to structure the simulation project task specifically from the ordinary I/O simulation up to the process simulation. The engineering effort is minimal and only determined through the targets. Configuration and runtime environment are integrated directly.

The WinMOD System Software is available in two variants:

WinMOD System Software V7.2 Standard (ST)
The standard version of the WinMOD System Software covers wide areas of application. One WinMOD Configuration Driver is available per project.

WinMOD System Software V7.2 Extended (XT)
The extended version of the WinMOD System Software is the open communication platform for heterogeneous systems. The amount of loadable WinMOD Configuration Driver per project is not limited.